Early Morning Sightseeing in Croatia

So here I was, back to Split after spending two amazing weeks in the Isle of Brac. A bit over two weeks ago I met Osib through Couchsurfing, who hosted me and ten other couchsurfers in his house in the island of Brac. It was a nice small house in Milna, but Osib also had another house in the middle of nowhere, to which we decided to go at midnight. It took us an hour to get there, but it was so totally worth it! There was no light pollution and I could see millions of starts in the sky. Next morning I woke up in this beautiful house on the beach. We spent all morning swimming and catching sea urchins, as it was the only food we could find. I had to leave that afternoon and then I spent another two weeks volunteering on this beautiful island, but it’s another story…

The adventure was over and I was standing in the bus station in Split. It was nearly midnight. After a quick stroll around the city centre I was quite tired and just wanted to buy a ticket and get into bus. But it wasn’t that easy as the person selling tickets did not speak any English and his grumpiness did not help either. He was probably tired and just wanted to be in bed and I don’t blame him – I was exactly the same. After finally getting the ticket and nearly missing the bus, I was on the way to Zadar. I was excited, I had around four hours to spend in Zadar before leaving this beautiful country and I was dying to see the Sea Organ  – the music instrument which plays music by sea waves. I wanted to go there the minute I heard about this instrument and there was no way I was leaving Croatia without seeing it.

It was around 4am when I got to Zadar. I got out of the bus and went straight where I thought the organ was. I didn’t have a map or anything so I was just wandering through the dark streets of Zadar. I think I gave a proper fright to a barmen who was asleep on one of the chairs just outside his bar.

When I finally got to the place I was really excited. The sea was pretty calm and so was the music. It was nice and peaceful and it was just what I needed that moment. And of course, somebody had to ruin the moment… suddenly some guy came out of nowhere. I realised he was absolutely wasted and he could barely stand. He offered me a place to sleep, but I politely refused. He walked away, however he did not completely disapper. I noticed him standing further away, sniffing something and he kept looking at me. After a while I saw him walking towards me. I did not stand up or try to run as I knew that it might just worsen situation and in fact, I did not have where to run. I just stayed in my place and ignored him while he was walking past me. He was really fast, was breathing loudly and he kept staring at me. I just hoped he would not stop and try to talk to me again.I was really scared.

I was sitting for like half an hour and hoping he’d walk away. But he kept wandering around and after a while I saw him walking towards me again. He was quite far away, so I slowly stood up, took my backpack and started walking. It was starting to get bright, but nobody else was around. I could hear him following me and he was walking faster and faster, so I panicked and speeded up a bit as well. That moment I thought I was in a big trouble.

Suddenly I saw a fisherman. I ran to him for help. He did not speak any English, so with my knowledge of five Croatian words I tried to explain him what was happening. Luckily, the words I knew were probably the right ones, as he understood what was going on. He showed me to sit down on the bench and he sat next to me.The creepy guy got close and then he stopped and started staring at me. The fisherman said something angrily to the man and he slowly started walking away. I don’t remember his face, but I hope to never see him again.

The fisherman then called his friend who was also fishing just around the corner. His friend knew probably ten words in English and we tried to have a conversation while they were looking after me. I showed them some photos from my work camp and tried to explain what I did. We were sitting on that bench for a while and it got completely bright. The cafe nearby was opened and they bought me a cup of coffee. It was nice to sit with two big men, drink coffee, try to have a conversation and don’t worry about anything else.

I finally managed to explain that I was waiting for the first bus to the airport and they offered to take me there. I said goodbye to the first fisherman and got into another’s car. On the way to the airport we had a small conversation and he told me that his wife used to work as an army pilot. Or at least this is what I understood. What a cool wife to have!

Finally, I was safe in the airport, thinking how lucky I was and about the good people I met. Goodbye Croatia, I will be back 😉

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