Born again

The moment when you start everything again. You take your backpack, close the doors behind you, watch couple of movies on a plane, drink a lot of wine and several hours later you are in the entirely new world. First time in your life you are so far away from home. You are finally experiencing that thrilling moment that you have been imagining for your entire life. And then you realise you have no idea how you feel about it.

And then it all comes…The moment when you suddenly cannot do anything. You cannot use your common sense to get away in the situations, because apparently that kind of sense is not a “common” one in the place you are in. Inability to order food, buy a train ticket. The experience of new language. The first time you try to say a word. Mispronounce it. Get frustrated. The experience of meeting new people whom you cannot communicate with. Moments of extreme loneliness and the crowds taking photos with you.

But one day it suddenly does not matter anymore. You wake up with a massive smile on your face… Yes, you are in China, life is good.

One thought on “Born again

  1. Wow I love the way you express the feeling of being born again. I really resonate with this, its probably what has driven my love of travel. I once woke up in a hostel in Bangkok and heard another guest shout “I’m off on an adventure!” Your post reminded me of this, so thanks 🙂


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