54 Hours of Rome

I would not recommend to read this post if you are hiding from the rain in the cold room – like I am now, in Scotland. I’m writing about this trip and missing it already – it’s hard to live in a cold rainy country, but it’s even harder to live in it after going to places such as Rome.

This was my second trip in the past month. I was super excited to travel again, mostly for two reasons – going to the sunny Rome and seeing my boyfriend. His internship turned out to be a perfect opportunity to travel and meet in the places I haven’t been before.

I had to put a lot of effort to convince my man to go to Rome – for travel reasons he was keen to go to Amsterdam. However, Rome was a good choice indeed. After a few weeks of awful weather in Edinburgh I was looking forward to some sun. So I left +2 degrees and got +21 instead. I think my boyfriend was really pleased we didn’t go to Amsterdam as well (we both been there before anyway).

We stayed in B&B called Oro Incenso e Mirra which was just next to the Vatican and it was a really nice place. We basically had the entire flat just for two of us, for the whole three days. Explained by off-season maybe?

We had a lot of doubts about buying a Roma pass and then finally ended up getting a 48 hour one. The girl made a mistake and sold the passes to us for 18 each instead of 28 euros. I think she did the maths wrong and we did not manage to explain her that it wasn’t right. We took the passes, being really pleased with the deal.

It paid off instantly. The pass included free travel by buses and metro and one free visit to our chosen site, which we decided to be the Colosseum. With the Roma passes we didn’t have to wait in the queue which was massive. I was actually really impressed by the Colloseum and I kept imagining the gladiators fighting there.

The same ticket also included an access to Palatine hill and we spend quite a few hours wondering there – which was perfect on the sunny day.

We had loads of good food and good wine while there as well. We made a mistake the first day and just got in some random restaurant called Ristorante Taverna Lino. The inside looked nice but the food wasn’t that good and it was a bit of the rip off. We didn’t order any bread but the waiter put some on the table (four tiny slices) and we ended up paying three euros for it. Then we got some ice cream across the street (place called Angelo del Gusto) which was a disappointment.

To avoid this happening again we looked up some places. My boyfriend has been in Rome before and an Italian person recommended going to La Montecarlo. He’s tried the pizza there before and said it was amazing. It did an amazing pizza indeed and the prices were good. We also had a tiramisu which was lovely. I was so hungry and so excited that I didn’t even take any photos.

I think buses in Rome were quite an experience – reminded me of Lithuanian buses somehow. They were absolutely packed during the day and it was proper fight to get in. Buses were old and had many loose parts which made crazy noise. We couldn’t even talk inside sometimes. One night we couldn’t get the bus we needed so just jumped in the random one. Left it a few stops later and saw our bus standing at the traffic lights. A bit drunk we ran to the bus waving hands and the driver, after making a “stupid tourists” face let us in. It would never happen in Edinburgh.

I’m definitely going to go back to Rome – I loved the vibe of the city. I’m finishing my pizza that I brought just now and thinking about the next trip. Less than three weeks to go!

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