Köln & Moitzfeld

At the beginning of November I was flying to Köln, but I was losing my hope to see it. All these cool bridges and the massive cathedral might be missed… oh well, I wasn’t going there exactly for that.

My boyfriend was living just outside Köln, in the place called Moitzfeld. I was going to visit him for a weekend and I was really excited to go to the mainland – UK is a slightly different world and going back to the mainland is always refreshing. I don’t know why, maybe because there are usually more colours in the streets or because it’s always exciting to listen to the language other than English or maybe because sometimes the weather is nicer.

However, I was wrong thinking that my boyfriend would not want to go to Köln and straight from the airport we went to the city. It was nice to walk along the Rhine and enjoy nice autumn evening. Kölner Dom (the cathedral) turned out to be more than impressive as well. I didn’t take that many photos during the trip, but here are some:

We also went to the food place just next to the Dom, which was Kölsch Bier brewery restaurant where they were serving typical food for the area and of course, Kölsch beer. It was served in a tiny glasses (0.2l) and everyone was drinking it pretty quick – so I was really impressed how well the waiter was doing his job.

It was a Friday night so the place was crowded and it was a struggle to get a table. Even when we got it, a few minutes later couple of random guys joined us – well, if you don’t want random friends book your table in advance.

New friends didn’t bother me, although my boyfriend tried to be funny and ordered me a third of the meter long sausage (it wasn’t just long, it was thick as well) and when it arrived…well, the guys were laughing and I was slightly embarrassed. It was massive! I think even the waitress could not believe I ordered that.

But it was really good!

The rest of the time I spent in Moitzfeld and it was such a nice little place. Weather was just brilliant and we did some hiking as well – there are loads of perfect paths for hiking around the town.

This was my second time in Germany in 2015 and it seems that I’m going back there again – just to Berlin for New Year to see my best friend!

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