Time to Come Back?

Right, so it’s been ages since I have written anything… Mostly because the social media has been making me depressed – seeing other people having a great time in the most beautiful places made me wonder why I am not there together with them. The truth is that I have been doing a lot of traveling myself in the past couple of years, so there shouldn’t be a reason to be sad or feel like I’m not living my life to the fullest. I think the sad bit is that during a lot of my trips I started thinking that I needed to take a good enough photo for instagram. And that realisation made to take a step back from social media and also to stop blogging…

I was speaking to one of my friends yesterday and she asked me for a travel advice and I realised that the place names and details are quick to escape your mind once you are back home. I managed to find the info she asked in my blog and decided that it’s time to go back to writing. Not for anyone else, not for the number of followers but for myself. I like writing, I enjoy reliving the memories of my trips and a blog is a perfect place to store this information. I decided to pick up from where I left my blog (in Nepal) and I am curious how long it will take me to write about all the things I have been doing in the last couple of years. We will see!

P.S. I took this photo in Nepal and I love it – always reminds me how small we are, but brave to go out and face the challenges


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