Adventures in Iceland

Two hours after I landed in Iceland I was swimming in the Blue Lagoon not able to believe how amazing the place was. I never imagined that anything like that existed in real life.OK I’ve seen the photos before, but it still felt so surreal to be there. Swimming outdoors in -5C and not feeling cold was awesome.

Once we got out of the blue lagoon, there was still quite a few miles to cover to get to our hotel in Selfoss and we were rushing to make it before check in closed. We were sitting in the car and talking about the northern lights when some weird ‘clouds’ appeared. We stopped the car and couldn’t believe how lucky we were to spot the aurora! The northern lights weren’t extremely bright, but they were there. It was my first time seeing them and I was jumping around like a little girl from all the excitement. Didn’t take very good photos but that doesn’t matter anyway!

The next day we got up early and went to do a Golden Circle. The first stop was Kerið crater lake that did look quite interesting but nothing too exciting for the money we had to pay.

Then we got to Geysir which is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. The land all over the place was steaming and the actual geyser was so mesmerising that I watched it going several times before I agreed to leave. So much power!

The next stop was Gulfoss which is one of the greatest waterfalls I’ve ever been to. No matter how cold it was, watching and listening to that waterfall was an absolutely amazing experience. It’s so relaxing and beautiful even if you can’t see all of that in the photo.

There was a lot of driving involved that day and we eventually got to Þingvellir National Park which would probably be your first stop if you did the Golden Circle from Reykjavik. This national park is Iceland’s first of the three and also a UNESCO world heritage site. It’s situated directly between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates which makes the place really special.

When we got back to Selfoss, northern lights hunt continued. Driving around and looking for northern lights kind of became a habit every night which was also great for another reason – kept alcohol costs to zero.

My favourite thing in Iceland was Reykjadalur hot springs. You have to drive to Hveragerði and then hike for about an hour through the hills until you see the steam coming out from the ground. You have to continue further down until the river appears and you can pick a spot you like to chill for the next few hours or so.

The hardest bit is taking your clothes off and jumping in. Would also advise to leave your stuff further away from the river since all the steam gets your clothes wet! Also trying to dress yourself after chilling in the river is quite a challenge since the river banks are muddy and if you try to stand in the snow you get cold quickly. But it’s totally worth it!

The next day we were heading to see one of the glaciers (won’t even try to spell it) in the south of Iceland. We stopped to look at Skogafoss waterfall which is extremely cool with all the rainbows, but quite touristy due to the fact it’s so close to the road.

The walk on the glacier was cool, we had ice grippers and didn’t go too far so that was safe enough to do it without a guide and save loads of money. It was extremely windy so there was loads of volcanic ash in the air (black stuff in the photos below).

After the glacier we headed towards the beautiful Reynisfjara black sand beach and if you are crazy about geology, there are some really cool basalt columns to check out in that part of the world. I love contrasts and Reynisfjara in March was a perfect place for seeing contracts in nature.

Our hotel that night was close to Seljavallalaug swimming pool, which is probably awesome in summer but a bit too cold for March. It was fun to check it out anyway.

On the final day we headed to Reykjavik and stopped at Seljalandsfoss waterfall which is also extremely accessible.

Once we reached Reykjavik, I enjoyed walking around, exploring little streets, beautiful Harpa building and the famous church. I even tried the whale steak even if I know a lot of people would disapprove this. It was delicious by the way.

Iceland will always be a place where I want to go back and I’m sure I will return one day to do some hiking.

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