After couple hours of heading south of Portugal we exited the motorway and started moving towards the coast. The scenery was changing to something quiet and beautiful and it felt like we were heading to the place where I always wanted to be. We passed a few sleepy villages before finally arriving in Carrapateira, a stunning place on the west coast of Portugal. Our new house was 10min walk from Bordera beach and it didn’t take long before we were standing at the viewpoint, listening to the waves crashing and enjoying the afternoon sun.

We walked past someone’s self made caravan and I really wished he suddenly came out with a cup of hot chocolate and some chairs and we watched a sunset while sipping a hot beverage.

One of the best things about holiday in a hot country for me is being able to have the meals outside. Just need to mention that there is a great restaurant in Carrapateira called Micro Bar and they do the best burgers ever.

Anyway, we had a house with a bbq and some outdoor tables and chairs, which was perfect for enjoying the meals outside.

One afternoon we visited a market in the village nearby and picked some tasty stuff for grilling.

With a bit of prep later on we made the best dinner of the entire holiday. Happy life 🙂

I need to say that Algarve has some really nice walks, one of them being a circular walk called Pontal da Carrapateira that starts in the village and I would recommend it to anyone. Ten easy kilometers with the most stunning views of the coast. The photos will speak for themselves.

We also decided to explore a bit more out of Carrapateira and headed to Sagres to see Cape St Vincent which is the most south-westerly point of Europe. It’s got a lighthouse and really impressive views of the cliffs around as well as food trucks selling German Bratwurst (how random!).

I remember it was extremely windy there and I even had to put a pair of trousers on under the dress I was wearing. I hid them well in the photo below, need pretend it’s hot after all 🙂

The only real regret I have now is that I never tried surfing while in Portugal. Well at that point I still had a fear of water and it took me a while to overcome it, the story I will tell you in a future. But now, when I’m thinking about Portugal, it would have been an ideal place to surf. I’ll have to go back to this idyllic place with beautiful beaches, good food, powerful waves and stress free existence.

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