Going to Ushguli in Georgia was quite an experience. It’s a UNESCO world heritage site and is said to be the highest (approx. 2100m above sea level) permanently inhabited village in Europe.

You can walk to Ushguli from Mestia in about four days if you want to stay in guesthouses or three days if you have your own tent. We picked an easy option and shared a jeep with a few strangers for a few hours. I think people who did the walk were quite brave since parts of the walk are near the main road which is more like a dirt track which was sinking in dust due to heavy traffic. Really there was so much dust that even the inside of our jeep got all covered in it, I can only imagine how difficult it was for the hikers to deal with it.

We had a few hours in Ushguli and decided to head towards Shkhara glacier. It was a relatively easy walk since we were heading through the valley on a jeep road. They say it can take about 5 hours to do the walk and you cover about 16km roundtrip, so it’s relatively challenging distance even though it can seem like an easy stroll at the beginning. My dad has been a smoker for many years and maybe because of the altitude, maybe because of the heat, he was quite struggling to breathe.  We decided to take it easy and not to head all the way to the glacier so at some point we returned to Ushguli and explored the village a bit, which was probably the right thing to do.

Even though it was hot, dusty and really uncomfortable to get there, the place was absolutely stunning and I would recommend anyone to visit it. Just going to share some photos now, although they probably won’t do justice.

The closest we got to Shkhara glacier







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