The Start of Thailand Trip and Bangkok

I really couldn’t wait to start writing about Thailand. Thinking about it now, traveling there has influenced my current lifestyle more than any other trip. I will explain how in my future posts, since there is a lot to write about almost four weeks in Thailand. It’s been a year and a half since I came back, but things that I experienced there gave a start to some bigger events in my life (like the fact I bought a motorcycle a month ago).

Let me start from the beginning. I was picking a place to go on holiday over Christmas and NY and I knew it would be somewhere in South East Asia.  I had a few options, but wasn’t convinced any of them were right, so decided to chat with a guy from work, Craig, who recently came back from a year of traveling in the region.

I told Craig I wanted to head to Thailand, but thought the place would be too crowded and perhaps not that enjoyable. He managed to convince me I was wrong and said there is plenty for everyone to choose from.

I booked my flights and couple of months later Craig has his flight booked as well. A lot happened in those months and the result was that Craig and I started dating and he spontaneously decided to come to Thailand with me.

The first few days were a bit of a blur. We arrived to Bangkok and stayed there couple of nights, trying to fight a jet lag.  Picking a place with a huge rooftop pool was one of the best decisions as I spent couple of sleepless mornings going for a swim or reading a book by the pool.

I had an idea for a photo and it worked out perfectly!

One afternoon, feeling slightly more alive, we went for a wander. We jumped in a water taxi and headed to Wat Pho temple. There are loads of temples to choose from in Bangkok and I am not going to lie, Wat Pho was a completely random choice, but turned out to be a great one, giving a chance to see a giant reclining Buddha.





Even though the streets or everything else about the city remains a bit of the blur, I clearly remember some food we had there. One of the best Tom Yum soups I tried in Thailand was served in Bangkok (I think the place was called Yana) and we had an amazing hot pot in some place just on the street (wish I could remember the name).


Bangkok had so much variety food wise that I was completely blown away. I remember we had a wander on the Khao San Road, explored the options there and then caught a tuk tuk (my first ever) to Chinatown where I was surprised with even more choice and pretty amazing cooking skills.


I loved Bangkok, I thought it was a great city with a well developed infrastructure, beautiful temples, plenty of choice for food and party. It was lively and fun, but I was ready to leave it and head up north.

Next stop – Ayutthaya!

3 thoughts on “The Start of Thailand Trip and Bangkok

  1. One of my favourite countries. It is over twenty years since I visited but my lasting memory is how friendly the Thai people were despite my initial trepidation. I look forward to reading the rest of your journey. The photos are great.

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