Phuket Island

After freezing in Northern Thailand for nearly two weeks, it was amazing to land in Phuket Island and finally drop all the warm layers.

It was quite a big shock coming there after spending so much time in rural Thailand and I don’t think I will be rushing back to the island anytime soon. However, we were there for the New Years party and it turned out to be an incredible experience.

We decided to stay near Kata beach, which was a nice spot for relaxing away from the crowds (especially compared to the madness in Patong). During the four days there we became regulars at Kwong Shop Seafood restaurant which did amazing fresh seafood and we watched some incredible sunsets on Kata beach.


Kata was a short tuk tuk ride away from Patong, the main NY party spot, but on the night the drivers were charging some crazy cash for getting into Patong. Don’t even try to bargain too hard, might save some pennies but won’t be worth it…

We started our night with some Muay Thai, which I wasn’t convinced about but it was part of the experience. We then had an amazing dinner in one of the restaurants in Patong (I wish I could remember the name…), got a bit tipsy and headed to the beach.


The streets were absolutely mad! People were spraying silly string on each other and I was absolutely loving it! I used my cans in no time and had a really good laugh (even when I got sprayed back).


The sky turned into the sea of lanterns, the beach was full of people and loud music. It was such an incredible atmosphere, it’s hard to describe it. At midnight, it felt like every stranger was hugging each other and fireworks never seemed to end.


We partied on the beach for a while and then end up meeting a bunch of Russians who were determined to go back to their hotel to watch Putin’s speech. It was so random and we decided to go along with it. It was a crazy night full of laughter and one of my favourite New Years celebrations!

We spent some time exploring Phuket Island, but I don’t have that many photos from there, not even sure why. We jumped on a scooter one day and just went wherever our eyes took us. It felt like the island was full of contrasts – some extremely developed areas built for tourists and some quieter but very poor looking places. As I said, I won’t be in a hurry to go back, but it was nice to go a bit crazy in the island where everyone has the same plan.


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