Curonian Spit in Lithuania

In June 2018 I went back to Lithuania for my brothers graduation and I spent a few days with my parents in one the most beautiful places – Curonian Spit. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage, 98km long and shared between Lithuania (north) and Russia (south).

It’s a complete paradise that I recommend visiting to anyone going to Lithuania. You can get there by taking a very short ferry ride from Klaipėda. The area is famous for it’s original fishing villages like Nida or Juodkrantė, various folklore stories, giant sand dunes (tallest migrating dunes in Europe) and various other things you wouldn’t find anywhere else in Lithuania. I also loved beautiful and very colourful old houses, nice food and very relaxed atmosphere. Some of my favourite things were:

1. The Dead Dunes (also called the Grey Dunes)

These are the huge (up to 60m) tall dunes that moved so fast between the 17th and the 19th centuries that “swallowed” several villages along their way.

I really couldn’t believe it was in Lithuania, I felt like in a middle of the desert especially because it was really windy and I felt sand in my face.

It’s quite a popular spot and parking can be challenging, but be patient and you’ll be rewarded. There is also a small charge to enter the path leading to the dunes.

2. Parnidis Dune and the Sundial

Remember I first visited this place when I was a kid, it really left a huge impression on me. Beautiful panorama from up there and you can see the Russian border as well. Apparently it’s the only spot in Lithuania that has perfect conditions for a sundial.

We went up to the area to watch a sunset one evening which was one of the highlights of the trip. It’s easily done from Nida town and its a beautiful spot to sit down, enjoy a drink, company and the view.

3. The walk up to Dune of Vecekrugas

The tallest Dune in Curonian spit and just a really enjoyable walk with nice views.

4. Raganu Kalnas (The Hill of Witches)

I love the imagination of the artists who created all the sculptures. Go for a stroll and pick your favourite!

5. Bike rides

I didn’t cycle when I was there but saw loads of people doing it and it made me a bit jealous (I love cycling). There are loads of beautiful forrest paths all around Curonian Spit (most of them well connected) that are great for cycling and exploring the area. Some people said cycling around Curonian Spit was one the highlights of their trip.

6. Chilling on the beach

It felt really relaxed when I was there but I know some places can get crowded. The Baltic Sea can be a bit chilly, so don’t expect a Mediterranean holiday, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying yourself. Lithuania is pretty awesome in summer anyway.

Don’t forget to try delicious smoked fish and have a fab holiday!

13 thoughts on “Curonian Spit in Lithuania

  1. It’s a really beautiful place, and so unexpected to find sand dunes in the Baltics, isn’t it?
    I also recommend to go in different seasons, as it changes quite a bit. In winter, part of the sea is frozen and you can walk or even drive on the ice.


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