Ubud and Around

It was finally time to start the road trip around Bali, so we were leaving Kuta and heading up north to Ubud. Craig and I rented two scooters and I was excited to be driving one again. For the first few minutes I was feeling a bit wobbly but then the skills gained a few months ago in Thailand returned. The traffic was a total nightmare and stressed me out at first, but I felt like I was getting more and more confident in minutes.

Oh wait…. I nearly crashed! Someone pulled out in front of me the second I thought that I started having fun and I had to do an emergency stop. I didn’t get too upset and told myself to focus. It was clear that the traffic wouldn’t be like on those beautiful roads in the northern Thailand, so I was ready to be the best new scooter driver I could be.

The journey turned out to be alright and we were fast approaching Ubud. We got into a traffic jam just before Ubud and Craig randomly started chatting to a motorcycle driver. The driver recommended us to visit this beautiful tea place that served a variety of teas for free and you had an option to buy something if you liked it. It was such a beautiful location with a great guy explaining us about the teas and how they work in your body. He said we were lucky to show up late in the afternoon since all the tours were long gone. I have no idea how the place was called since that random motorcycle driver showed it to us, but it was definitely a highlight of Ubud.

We ended up booking accommodation where Craig stayed before since the rooms there had a beautiful view from the balcony. Ubud felt so relaxing after the hustle of Kuta.



The next day we decided to do a Campuhan ridge walk. It’s easily accessible and not too demanding. We didn’t go for a sunrise or a sunset so it was relatively quiet, but really hot. We walked along rice fields, stopped in a cafe to get a drink and then eventually decided to go back to our accommodation and chill.



We also arranged to see a cultural show that night, which turned out to be a great fun although a bit confusing!


The next day we jumped on a scooter and headed to Tirta Empul (Holy Water) temple. It is said that the springs there have curative properties. No wonder so many people bathe in the water and complete a purification ritual. It’s probably one of my favourite temples ever visited. It had such a beautiful atmosphere mostly because of the springs and the live gamelan music that so hypnotic.



From my camera photos it looks like we stopped to check out another temple nearby, but I have no idea what it was. Going to share couple of photos anyway in case somebody knows it.




We then headed to check out the Tegalalang rice terraces. It’s definitely a nice place, but if you’ve seen some rice terraces somewhere else, it might not surprise you too much. It’s quite touristy as well, but the ride to/from there was scenic so made it worth in the end.


Back to Ubud, we found this amazing food place called Warung Pondok Madu, that did the tastiest ribs. Here is a photo to tease you 🙂


I’ll finish my post here and next time I’ll tell you all about my experience of hiking Mount Batur.

14 thoughts on “Ubud and Around

  1. Finally an honest opinion about the rice terraces! Everyone rattles on about how amazing they are and taking photos that make it look like they were the only ones there. I hated it. The rice fields in Sri Lanka were much better

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      1. Absolutely loved it. I’ve been a couple of times now and thinking about going again as I would like to see the blue whales off the south coast. For a tiny island there’s such a diverse range of habitats, temperatures, cultures and things to do.

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