Last Days in Bali

I wrote a very long post last time so this one will be short. Not because it needs to be short, but sometimes the best things in life come from doing one thing you enjoy. For me it was a newly found love of surfing.

After we got back to Bali from Nusa Penida we collected our scooters and tried to decide what to do next.

We were keen to explore a bit more of Bali but at the same time the thought of going back to Kuta and spending a few last days surfing was also very tempting.

We chose the latter and it was probably the best decision we could make. It was nice to go back to Kuta and see the guys from the surf shop we previously spent time with.

We previously learned how hot the sun can get in Bali so this time stocked up on very waterproof zinc sticks with SPF 50+ and for the last few days our bright blue faces could be seen in between the waves.

On our last day we said bye to the guys who almost became our family. I was sad, but at the same time happy about the experience and all the memories I made there.

In the airport, it was so tempting to jump on a random flight and head to some place I’ve never been to. However, Dubai was waiting for us and we had more adventures planned there. But that’s for the next post!

13 thoughts on “Last Days in Bali

    1. There are so many of them, like every 5 meters! Probably worth going to the beach,chatting to them and seeing who you like. We went with Marburn just because my partner surfed with them in the past 🙂 have fun!


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