I don’t know how, but I managed to book accommodation in Kandy almost four miles away from the town centre. It was probably one of the best mistakes I have ever made. The place had the best view and extremely peaceful surroundings, so I spent a lot of time in this beautiful balcony.



Apart from lazying around in the balcony, we visited a tea factory and it was great to see the processes and the machines that the tea leaf has to go through to become tea as we know it. Doesn’t seem that I took many photos there, can only find one with me being excited about my tea and biscuits!


We also stopped at a beautiful medicinal and herb garden (don’t ask me where it was). Anyway, it was a beautiful garden and the guy who gave us a tour kept us guessing what some of the things were. Can you guess what’s in the photo bellow?


OK I will tell you. It’s black pepper!

And this is the obvious one – pineapple. I am still amused about how they grow 🙂


I have also visited the botanical garden in Kandy, where my favourite were the giant fruit bats. The trees were almost black from the amount of bats hanging on the branches. Suddenly it seemed that something spooked them, so they all went flying around and it was an incredible thing to watch (they are huge!).


I also visited the Temple of the Sacred Tooth, which was really nice and relaxed and had the lamp shades that looked like owls.



And some really moody ducks… 🙂


I thought Kandy was happy, colourful and a very chilled place before heading for some hill walking. But that’s for next time. Enjoy the wind in your hair in the meantime 🙂


8 thoughts on “Kandy

  1. Lovely photos, wow!! Such a beautiful place. I had no idea those little berries are black pepper, nice. I use one of those pepper grinder things every day. The bat’s would creep me out to be honest, scary! I’m sorry your relationship didn’t work out. I understand your pain. Hugs! 🙂

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  2. Gorgeous photos and great information!

    If break-ups don’t impact us then there really wasn’t much there in the first place. The more passionate we love, the more passionate our pain. I’m sorry for your pain right now.

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  3. While the bat photo is interesting, in real life, I would have been running for cover. You are brave! Looks like a nice trip and interesting/educational as well. Of course, break-ups are hard to take, however, this just means the right one is still to come. Something to look forward to…. Best of luck!

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  4. Looks like a beautiful trip. My dad’s favorite dating advice is that relationships are like buses, there’s always another coming along. That would make me laugh when I was hurting. Pamper yourself! R

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