Adam’s Peak

Feel almost bad saying this, but I couldn’t wait to leave Kandy. It’s not because I didn’t like Kandy, but I just couldn’t wait to get up Adam’s Peak. Whenever I’m going on holiday and have some hiking planned for the part of it, I have very itchy feet until all hiking is out of my system. I really can’t help it, I hove hiking!

We jumped into Kandy – Ella train, known for one of the most magnificent train journeys in the world.  We couldn’t get a seat since the train was packed, so ended up sitting on the floor near the door. It turned out to be an ideal spot since the train doors were always open and we could enjoy the views and the wind in the hair while hanging out of the train. It’s a shame because soon a lot of people decided they needed to get some photos with them hanging out of the train so all the photo shoots really became a nuisance.



The train journey wasn’t too long since we jumped out in Hatton, where we got into an extremely packed bus to Dalhousie. That bus journey felt like it was never going to end. It was hot, sweaty and I was nearly getting motion sickness. I kept glancing at somebody’s watch and the time just didn’t seem to move! Then I realised why – the watch was broken…

When we finally arrived in Dalhousie we had all evening to relax, get some food supplies for the walk and enjoyed an incredible meal that our host cooked for all the guests staying in their guesthouse.

The first view of Adam’s Peak



Can’t remember when exactly we set off but it was roughly 1 or 2 in the morning. It was dark and relatively quiet when we left but soon started overtaking more and more people. I say “overtaking” not because I’m over confident in my fitness, but because there was such a variety of people going up that I couldn’t believe it was even possible. Anyone from really young to really old who couldn’t even walk (they were being carried by their relatives!) were making their way up. It was the full moon night celebrated by Buddhists and Adam’s Peak is a holy place, so the trail was absolutely packed with people. It got much worse just before the peak since the stairs got so narrow that it was impossible to overtake and there was a lot of standing and waiting involved.

When we finally got to the top, we went to ring the bell. It is part of the ritual and you have to ring the bell as many times as you visited Adam’s Peak. I was jealous of some doing it several times! Afterwards we managed to squeeze in with the crowd on the steps and waited for a sunrise. It was cold, but definitely worth the wait. It was such a magic atmosphere when we saw the first beams of the sun and shared that moment with so many strangers.




Adam’s Peak is also famous for its shadow that you can see just after the sunrise. I’m sharing the photo below so you can see what I mean. Let me know if you can’t spot it 🙂


The way down wasn’t extremely eventful, it was more like flowing with the crowd. It got really hot too and I was ready for the breakfast. But what a way to start the day!


That magic sunrise is still in my heart today.

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